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About Us

Milko Tool & Die has been in business since 1980 in the Omaha, Nebraska area. We have a wealth of experience to offer as well as a willingness to engage in challenging projects. Milko is located in downtown Omaha, Nebraska with a 52,000 square foot building and many loading docks for accessibility.

We are diversified in four major areas:

  1. Tool and Die

    1. Fabricate various components for conveyors.
    2. Build dies for stamping and forming.
    3. Build molds for injection molding.
    4. A variety of jigs and fixtures for welding and machining.
    5. Build piece parts to customer specifications.

  2. CNC Lathes and Machining Centers

    These machines allow us to machine parts in small or large quantities with a high degree of accuracy. We specialize in quantities of 2 - 300 parts. We do hard turning, boring, and contouring. Our employees are diversified in set ups, programming and are cross-trained on our different machines.

  3. Urethane

    Our urethane process also covers a variety of services from coating wheels to drive rollers. We use urethane in fixtures to hold castings for production machining. We make compression pads in different degrees of hardness. Milko will fit our service to the customer's needs.

  4. Auto Cad (LT2005 & LT2008)/ Solid Works 2001

    Our Auto Cad Department adds design capabilities for our customers. We can update and adjust customers drawings upon request.

We offer a wide variety of services to our customers. We will do consultations with our customers on site if necessary to enable us to give the very finest service.